Dear Reader.

This paragraph is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write – worse than my LinkedIn profile.  While I want to be witty, and funny, and sharp, all I can think of are memes of Grey’s Anatomy and one-liners that would only make my best friend laugh.  And that’s only because she loves me.

Blogging is an outlet for me, the way some people love going for a run or eating their weight in ice cream (no, I love that too).  Sometimes I need to rant.  Sometimes things from the past crop up and I need a way of expressing myself that doesn’t involve a visit to my shrink or calling my Mum.

But to avoid the risk of appearing morose, I love film, TV, literature and current events – this won’t just be a ranting column, hopefully you (Dear Reader) will get something from it too.


Enjoy! x