Year of Being a Boss Bitch – Week 2

I don’t think I’ve ever kept up the whole “New Year New Me” stuff this long, and it actually feels kind of empowering. Almost as if I have some resemblance of that weird ol’ thing of “willpower”.

I’ve been swimming three times this week, and three days in a  row. Yes, sometimes it needed a pep talk from myself and the girls at work, but I got in there, I swam, and I was exhausted – but good exhausted.  On Tuesday I was even slightly happy that my knee hurt when I got out of the pool, it’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a sports injury…

I’ve read another three books, which puts my total for the year on 9 so far (I think I’ll do another post on what I’ve read and what I’m reading, and update with reviews as I go along, but that might make a bit more sense…)

On Thursday I had a day off work (11 days in, and I already needed one – blimey, I know) – and went to the Harry Potter exhibition at the British Library which was AMAZING and to the aquarium on Southbank, which was so much fun.  That also tied in with catching up with friends.

At the moment I feel invincible, but this week is where it could easily fall apart.  There’s the saying that it takes 3 weeks to form a habit, so week 3 seems to be the one to make or break it all…

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