2018 – you’re gonna see me shine.

My 2017 has been and gone, and don’t get me wrong, it’s been a wonderful year.  My resolutions, well, they could have done with a little more effort – but I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.  So here are a few goals for 2018, to get me on the path I need to be on…

  1. Saving money.  This one’s pretty key – my darling fiancé and have a wedding to pay for, so I need to get myself in the best financial position possible, which means saving money every month.  I know there are milestones to hit first, so I’m going to have paid my credit card off by the end of the year, and have money aside for my dress.
  2. Speaking of the wedding…we’re going to set a date by May!  That’s the goal anyway, but I’m not sure I can count is as my resolution, more like our resolution…
  3. I’m going to read 50 books.  I managed 36 in 2017 at a rate of about 2 a month until November when for some reason I just flew through them – a few plane journeys and car journeys seemed to take care of it.  I’ve really gained an interest in YA fiction this year as well, which previously I’d been quite snobby about, so that was a fun learning curve!
  4. Diet.  Exercise (ew).  I lost 2 stone in 2017, and I need to lose another 2 in 2018. Just to be clear, this is entirely for me, for my health and to feel more confidence in my appearance, not to suggest everyone should look a certain way (or weight…)
  5. Yoga.  I mentioned this one last year, and I certainly need to do more about it.  On paper it’s (100% my type?) the perfect thing for me – focusing breathing, relaxing, and getting thoughts in order.
  6. Spend more time device-free.  I say that with almost a shudder, and with a slight rule-break, as my Kindle is how I do all my reading, so I feel that one should be allowed.  But I am aware I need to spend more time taking in the world around me and seeing less of it through a screen.
  7. Blogging once a week.  I set myself a target of twice a week last year, and at some point (around the time my mental health took a turn) I lost my way.  So one blog post a week minimum.
  8. Photography – my Mum and Dad bought me the most beautiful camera for my birthday, and since New York I’ve not done a lot with it, so I’m going to spend a little more time in and around London taking in the sights.
  9. Turn 25 with style and grace.  And quite probably with a hangover.

Do you still make resolutions?  And more importantly, do you stick to them?

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