2017’s Resolutions…

New Year’s Resolutions are a funny old thing aren’t they?  I’ve never been particularly good at anything that requires willpower (dieting, exercise, not getting sloppy drunk on work nights out) so new year’s resolutions never work particularly well for me.  But as we wind down into 2018, it’s a good time to look back at what I set at the start of 2017, and remind myself of some of the progress I actually have made…

  1. Lose weight– I will be in size 14 jeans by August.  Preferably size 12 as I was when I was at my goal weight, but I have to allow for a couple of setbacks…

I DID IT.  Well, not the size 14 jeans, but I lost 2 stone this year.  Admittedly some of that is thanks to a period of jetlag and anxiety that meant I didn’t really eat – which is not a healthy way, or what I’m advocating as a weight loss/diet tip.  Also worth mentioning here that I was very much losing weight for me.  I feel happier and healthier already, though there’s another 2 stone to go until I’m within reach of my target weight, which I fear will involve some actual, real life exercise.

  1. Try yoga – this is one I’ve been meaning to do for a while.  I don’t have to stick to it,and if I don’t like it I don’t have to do it again, but I think taking some time for myself, learning to breathe properly and being “in the moment” would actually do me some good.

Didn’t actually do this one, and it’s mainly because I get terrified of new things, but it’s no excuse.  Whether it’s a Youtube tutorial or an actual class, I really need to stick this on the list for next year.

  1. Successfully complete Couch to 5k– preferably Couch to 10k, but let’s give me room to start.  I’ve never been able to run – which sounds silly, because it’s totally natural to some people.  I’m a strong swimmer, but I just can’t run!  I really want to finally give it a good go.

Kind of want to laugh at this one – didn’t happen, but will do next year.

  1. Blog twice a week– stupidly simple, but I want to put more time and energy into myself, which is wearing blogging comes in.  It’s not about followers (thought thank you in advance to anyone who ever reads this silly ol’ thing), but expressing myself, and having a creative outlet.  I even bought myself a shiny new Mac, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to put in 20 mins twice a week!

I was actually doing really well with this until my relapse where I lost interest in pretty much everything.  I would have ideas and half write posts and give up, I lost inspiration and kind of lost myself too.  This is one where I’m shifting the goalposts slightly for 2018 – 1 post a week.

  1. Learn to save money (at least a little)– I’m terrible at saving money.  Me and the bottom of my overdraft are best friends, but me and the bank are not.  Because of this, I would like to at least NOT be at the bottom of my overdraft by the end of the year, and get my spending habits under control…

I’m in significantly less overdraft, and I also managed to save up $1,000 for my New York trip across a few months, so actually pretty happy to have achieved this one.  Well done, Miller!

  1. Get off my anti-anxiety meds– I’ve been on and off 20mg of Citalopram for just under 4 years, and now I’m down to 10mg, it’s just a teeny step to get off completely.  I can do this.  (#bebrave – and yes, it took me a very long time and then a google to work out how to put a # in on a Mac…)

I did get off them.  And then I got back on them, because inside my head wasn’t a very nice place to be.  But that is OK.  It really is.  Because now I’m happier and healthier and I took the steps I needed to get there.  I had a big achievement in coming off them, and it was a big achievement to recognise I needed to go back on them.  I’m ok now.

  1. Read more– see “2017 in books”

I read 36 books this year!  Reviews and ratings to follow…

  1. Watch more – see “2017 in films”.  Note, watching more does NOT include Grey’s Anatomy.

Admittedly I’ve also watched a lot of Grey’s Anatomy, but I’ve watched films I’ve never seen before this year too – Star Wars and Die Hard being good examples (I know, how did I get to this point bla bla bla).  I don’t feel like 2017 has been a particularly good year for cinema, not compared against previous years, but we’ll see how Oscar season shapes up!

  1. Keep a food diary– this one is one I’ve been meaning to keep up for a while – I get horrible stomach pains which I’ve self-diagnosed as a mild dairy intolerance and IBS, and if I went to a GP they’d tell me to keep a food diary and come back in 4 weeks.  So I should probably keep the food diary in the first place…


10.Learn more about myself– A bit of a cheat number 10 – I’m hoping that the above 9 will help me learn a bit more about myself, and find my passions again.  I know I miss writing, but I’ve lost my inspiration.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself this year (what a cliche line that is) but one of my greatest realisations is how much I’ve missed reading!  I’ve found a few more dreams along the line, and I’m more determined than ever.  Watch this space for next year’s resolutions…

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