Travel Anxiety

There only seem to be two main triggers left with my anxiety, and they’re fairly manageable; not being able to get out, and toilets.

The first one only really crops up with things like the theatre – which makes tickets a bit more expensive – and meetings, where I can tell myself “it’s only an hour, you’re not going to have to”.  The toilets thing is more about needing to know where they are, and in my daily routine I kind of know where the closest ones are.

So, fairly manageable all in all.  Until it comes to going on holiday.  Travelling makes them both trigger – I have to pee five times before getting on a plane, you can’t just leave a plane, and I don’t know where the loos are when I’m in a foreign place.

It makes travelling a little more stressful – but what’s a holiday without a little stress right?!

I know I’m not alone though, there are some great articles all over the internet, like here from Buzzfeed about how to cope a little better.  I know for me some simple things work:

  • cold water.  It’s important it’s cold, as room temp doesn’t do anything.  When I’m anxious I overheat and sweat, and I need cold water to ground me a little
  • Bach’s Rescue Remedy Spray.  I’m fairly certain this is a psychological thing, but does that matter, as long as it works?  Bach’s currently have a great Tube campaign going, which really helps when you’re having a moment.
  • Distraction.  Audiobooks really soothe me at the moment, particularly the Harry Potter ones.  They’re enough to get me to sleep, so it works if I just want to stick my headphones on too.


Any more tips out there?

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