New York, here we come!


In case I haven’t mentioned one billion times; I’m going to New York in September!  I’m so excited, and it’s been on the “dream holiday” list for so long!  We’ve finally got some sort of plan together, thanks to handy tips from friends, family and the wonderful world wide web…

  • Chicago on Broadway – I’m so excited about this!  Chicago is one of my favourite musicals, films and film scores, so getting to see it live is a dream come true.  It’s one Edd loves too, so a big winner!  We wanted to pick something that we couldn’t see in London easily, and as Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen are both massively sold out (unless you sell a kidney or two) it had to be Chicago.
  • Baseball!  Another one we thought we’d book a while in advance – the New York Yankees vs the Blue Jays…admittedly, neither of us have a darn clue how you play, how you win, but apparently it’s one of those true American things we need to do (American readers, please enlighten me…)
  • Champagne at the Plaza – you can thank Bride Wars and Home Alone 2 for this one!  The Plaza always looks so grand and beautiful, so we’re booked in for a glass of fizz!  (Not going to lie, quite excited about the Insta pics…)

Obviously there’s a load of other stuff on the list – Top of the Rock, Empire State Building, 9/11 Memorial, and hours in Bloomingdales (not sure Edd is over the moon about that one)…


Any last minute tips?

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