Half Year Update…

Crikey, six whole months gone, where is the year going?!  It feels like so much has happened, but at the same time…not…Let’s check out the progress!

My New Year’s Resolutions were:

  1. Lose weight –  THIS COULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN.  Well that’s a relief – I started this post thinking “heck, will there even be any change…”.  I got properly on the eating better wagon about 9 weeks ago, and have finally lost a stone!  So with another 6 weeks until my birthday (which was the reason for the August goal) there is hope for the size 14 jeans yet…
  2. Try yoga Still haven’t got round to this one.  Thing is, I KNOW IT’S GOING TO BE GOOD FOR ME.  Come on, Miller, let’s get on with it.
  3. Successfully complete Couch to 5k –  I’m actually laughing at this one.  Still haven’t done it.  But I can now do the first three days without wanting to die.  Yay me!  I’ll be honest, I am swimming more now, so maybe that’ll help the general fitness…
  4. Blog twice a week –  Erm, all in all this is happening, I’ve missed a couple, and the 30 day challenges have been really helpful in keeping me on track (maybe cheating) but it’s going to plan so far…
  5. Learn to save money (at least a little)–  This one I’m actually really proud of – I’ve been managing to both pay off my credit card and save money for our New York trip every month, I’m getting there!
  6. Get off my anti-anxiety meds – I completed this in March, and I’m over the MOON.
  7. Read more – Not going too badly, I’ve read 12 books this year – about on track for half way!
  8. Watch more  – Not going as well as it should be, but I’ve seen a fair few decent films this year: Hidden Figures, La La Land, A Monster Calls, Despicable Me 3 (yeah that counts), Sing, The Dark Knight (no, I hadn’t seen it, yes I’m an idiot…)
  9. Keep a food diary – Haven’t actually done this, should have done this, getting round to this.
  10. Learn more about myself – It’s a bit hard to judge this one, and I recognised that when I set the goal, but I think I’m getting there.  I’m learning what motivates me, I’m more comfortable in my own skin and more confident too.  I’m also continually learning that drinking isn’t going to fix a situation in the long-term.  Short term kinda helpful though.

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