Boots Essentials Haul – Triple Points Weekend!


Nothing gets me as excited as a triple-points offer – much to the boyfriend’s disappointment…

My Boots Advantage card is my holy grail – perfect for when you need a treat but it’s so close to payday and it’s a choice between new mascara and eating for the next two days.  So cheers Boots.

Honestly, it’s great on a normal day, but with all the customised offers AND a triple points weekend, I thought I’d get all the shopping I’ve been meaning to do for the last three weeks in.  So today is a bit of a boring one – all the essentials!

Real Techniques – Miracle Complexion Sponge

I’ve mentioned before how much I love this little gem (and gave it the wrong name, how professional) – but honestly it’s changed the way my foundation looks for the better!  The only problem is I can’t seem to clean it properly without getting some form of tear in it, but that could be down to my inefficiency…given this MASSIVE ISSUE I needed to buy a new one, and here we are!

Sure – Aloe Vera anti-perspirant

I love how this stuff smells – and it manages to keep you feeling fresh all day, so important in this weather!  I tend to stock up on facewipes and deodorant whenever they’re on offer – so given these were a pound each it was definitely a steal.  Mmm, aloe. (Anyone remember that advert where the parrot would squawk?)

Boots – hair grips

Not particularly exciting I’m afraid – I got a pack of 70 hair bobbles too, because no matter how frequently you buy them, they’ll always run out within about a month…

Oral-B – Pro Expert Sensitive Teeth

My poor little teeth have been having issues with eating cold things recently – and in this glorious weather we’ve been having I’ve been trying to tackle it.  No one is a happy bunny with sore teeth!  It was also time for a new toothbrush, so thought I’d branch out and try this Colgate electric one, for extra clean sparklers!

Mark Hill – Paddle Brush

I love this so much – I bought one about 18 months ago (it’s a bit pricey for a hairbrush at £9.99) and due to my floordrobe it’s been squished several times.  It finally decided to give up shortly before payday so I’ve been relying on my Wet Brush to get me through.  Ah well.

ANYWAY, my hair has been so much sleeker, and for such frizzy hair like mine (any tips on that are very gratefully received) it’s been an utter steal.


Nothing too exciting today I’m afraid lovelies, just a little insight into my shopping basket!

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