Naked Ambition (What’s In My Make Up Bag)

If you’d have told me at 16 that I’d care so much about make up, I’d have laughed in your face.  Your beautifully made up face, as I decided that I’d never spend so long (and so much money) on getting the perfect finish.

That doesn’t mean to say I didn’t want it.  I dreamed of living the big city life, with my red leather handbag, black heels, trouser suit, BlackBerry (because what 00s business woman didn’t have one?) and Filofax (do people still have those?). Oh yeah.  That was going to be me.

I don’t really know what happened to the dreams.  Life, and anxiety I suppose.  But when I moved to university, my best friend taught me a lot about make up.  And premium make up.  And vloggers who do make up videos (looking at you Zoella).

So, alongside my pretty flatlay (I’m learning guys…), here’s a What’s In My Make Up Bag, something I never thought I’d be doing…


Get the title now, right?

OK, so this isn’t my entire make up bag, it’s the ones that would fit and look pretty, but it still counts!

  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, in a really pale shade, because it’s only just summer and I’m still pale.  Not that ethereal pale pretty like the lass in Riverdale, just pale. With bags under my eyes.  It’s a great foundation, and I love how it feels, particularly applied with a Real Techniques Beauty Blender (that definitely wasn’t going to grubby up my pretty picture!).  It has a slight scent to it, which I’m not normally a fan of, but as it’s pleasant and not really noticeable, you can definitely put up with it.  As long as you’ve used the right primer (for me the Benefit Porefessional you can see), you only need to use one pump of the stuff, and it goes a long way to give a gorgeous dewy finish.
  • Real Techniques brushes – I was less impressed with their foundation brush than I was the beauty blender, but the powder brushes are great. I probably use mine in all the wrong ways, but at the end of the day the product (Benefit Hoola bronzer for the one in the picture) goes on my face and looks just about passable.
  • Urban Decay Setting Spray – I love this stuff.  I bought the smaller bottle back in September and it’s lasted so well.  A lot of setting sprays can be super clumpy if you don’t shake them properly, so if you’re lazy like me it’s easy to forget and end up with lumps everywhere.  Not the case with Urban Decay, the thing is a little trooper!  Only downside is the packaging – it looks beautiful and so on brand, but if you’re anything like me and manage to get foundation all over your hands all the time, it gets a bit orange fairly quickly.  Nothing that a wipe down with a make up wipe doesn’t fix, but still a bit annoying.  The new packaging is purple and black and gorgeous, and from what I’ve heard manages to avoid the problem while keeping the same perfect formula.  Well done, guys!
  • My gorgeous Urban Decay Naked Palette – it’s basically my baby.  So much so that I don’t like taking it with me when I go away in case it does the thing that all my eyeshadow palettes inevitably do, and gets smashed or broken or dropped or breaks everywhere and stops being so darn aesthetically pleasing.  The nightmares of a make up addict, am I right? It’s the original Naked palette, although I was torn between this one and Naked 2. Naked is also my favourite shade and my go- to everyday eyeshadow, with Half-Baked if I’m feeling super glitzy.
  • Benefit Browzings – again,you can tell with the packaging that this one’s a little older, and I’m mildly embarrassed that I haven’t replaced it yet. But it still works and it’s gorgeous.  It’s the first eyebrow product I’ve had, and I’m fairly loyal to Benefit on their brows and eyelashes, so keen to stick with it.  I did try their Gimme Brow but wasn’t that bothered by it – although I know a fair few people who swear by it.  I tend to not just stick with one brand for everything, but I feel like if there’s one thing Benefit does better than everyone else, it’s brows.
  • MAC lipstick in Diva.  I have three MAC lipsticks in total – Diva, Russian Red and Relentlessly Red (I like reds, can you tell), but with Diva being my newest it’s definitely the current favourite.  MAC lippies are iconic for a reason – they don’t dry your lips out too much,the colours are beautiful and the design is perfect.  Plus their colour range is insane.
  • Benefit Rollerlash Mascara – A lot of people swear by They’re Real (again Benefit) for mascara, but for me, Rollerlash is something really special.  It manages to extend your eyelashes a million percent (*all right, definitely not and they’ve never claimed that either) and well as thickening them and making you look all dark and mysterious (*again, they’ve never claimed that either).  It’s not cheap at £19, and some bloggers claim that Maybelline mascara has the same effect – I’ve never tried it but maybe I should – but I’d always stick to Benefit!
  • Bare Minerals concealer – this is one I found out through a friend, who’s friend is a Bare Minerals rep, and it lives up to the hype.  Great for bags under the eyes, as well as those areas where your foundation can get a bit patchy (for me it’s chin and around my nose).  it has a really nice feel to it, and lasts ages too, so well worth the money.

This collection has taken a fair bit of time, as well as some trial and error to decide what worked for me and what didn’t…it all takes time, learning and patience to give a go.

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