Harry Potter Challenge – Day 20 – Which Hallow?


I’d have no need for the Elder Wand.  What would I do with it?  I don’t have to fight Voldemort, I don’t particularly want to win any duels, it’s a bit irrelevant to me to be honest.

The Invisibility Cloak could be useful.  I’m really nosey, and I love gossip, so overhearing folk from under my cloak would be thrilling.  But I feel like it’s not the right reason for it – and as an adult, I don’t need to sneak around.  Might have been more useful when I was younger.

For me, and I think probably anyone who’s lost someone important to them, it would have to be the Resurrection Stone.  There are people I miss, people’ opinions I’d love to hear, and people I just want to say a couple of last things to.  It’s a fairly easy one for me.


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