Harry Potter Blog Challenge – Day 16 – Best Character Progression


Alan Rickman’s death really upset me.  It came a day after my grandmother’s funeral, which was six months in to the worst year of my life. Weirdly I cried more on the train reading the news, than I had the day before.

Snape,to me, is the most tragic character in the series, with undoubtedly the most flaws.  He was weak and greedy and sought power from Voldemort (though you could argue this came from a childhood of oppression from his parents and his teenage years being bullied by the Marauders).  It’s unforgivable.  And he never forgave himself – because his desperation to prove himself killed the only person he’d ever loved.  And the only person who’d ever showed him any respect.

But on our timeline, Snape is a horrid, greasy man who gets his kicks from torturing children – particularly Harry, who he seems to despise for just being popular.  We’re all vindicated when Snape kills Dumbledore, because Harry was right!  Why did no one listen to Harry?!

And then everything is revealed. Snape wasn’t a baddie.  He was a double agent.  He risked his last 16 years to keep Harry safe, and to help Dumbledore overcome Voldemort.  Not for any reason, other than his love of Lily.  This horrible, child-torturing wizard was capable of a love so strong he’d risk his life every day.

Shock twist, and great character progression.

Admittedly, given that Harry was put through the mill by Snape every day for his six years at Hogwarts, it does annoy me that he names his child after him.  What about Lupin?!

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