Harry Potter Challenge – Day 15 – Ship That Never Happened


When I was younger I used to write fanfiction – it was the sort of thing that meant I could practice my writing, but with characters who were already formed.  I always find strong characters to be the hardest thing about writing – whereas picking up on someone else’s was always a lot easier.  Although, I guess that’s also cheating…

ANYWAY.  “Ships” used to appear a lot all over fanfiction – Draco and Hermione, Hermione and Snape (ew, and probably fuelled even more by Cursed Child), Harry and Hermione (why is everyone putting everyone with Hermione?!), Sirius and Lupin, Bellatrix and Voldemort…the list is endless.

I think for me, the best one that never really happened though, was Lily and Snape.  A very one-sided tale of love and heartbreak, and a man broken by the death of the love who was never his.  I’d have never wanted them to get together, because most of the time Snape was a horrid man, but his love for Lily is one of the greatest twists, and sweetest moments, in the Harry Potter timeline.

Which leads us nicely on to tomorrow!

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