Harry Potter Challenge – Day 14 – Favourite Couple


There are quite a few couples in the running for this; James and Lily who were a great partnership, and gave their lives to save their son.  Hermione and Ron, best friends who messed each other around and hid their feelings from each other – we’ve all been there right?  Tonks and Lupin – loving each other despite the flaws other people saw and just focusing on their love.

I think it has to be Molly and Arthur.  I mean, come on seven children?!  But seriously – what a strong, loving couple, raising seven very different children, supporting and loving them through their formative years – letting their youngest son go off and save the wizarding world (although Molly definitely didn’t have much choice in that).

They’re also kind, good people. Even with their limited budget (we’re made very aware of the Weasleys’ low affluence) they still take on another mouth, and become second parents to Harry – the closest thing to love he’s seen since he was a baby.

I’m just grateful JK let them survive the Battle of Hogwarts (even if it was at the expense of Lupin).  Ultimate #couplegoals.tumblr_inline_nvo2lpTYiU1s88p3q_1280

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