Harry Potter Challenge – Day 12 – Favourite Death Eater


I’m at this point in the challenge where I realise I really should have included Order members in here – and for that I apologise.  Particularly because that means I’ve given more time to the bad guys, than the good guys.  Real Slytherin over here, sorry!

Moving on.

Favourite Death Eater.

I’d love to say Bellatrix. Don’t get me wrong, she’s an awful human being, but at least she owns it.  She believes what she is doing is right, because she craves power and death and most of all to do naughty things with the Dark Lord…poor Rodolphus.

But actually I think my favourite Death Eater is Narcissa Malfoy.  I don’t think she joined this world out of her own choice, but because the man she loved was in it.  She fell for a potentially powerful man (Lucius had the ear of Voldemort at one point) and was suckered in. I think she was weak, but not as bad as the rest of them.

And we tend to forget that Narcissa saved Harry’s life in the Forest by telling everyone he was dead.  She loved her son so much that she was willing to face the wrath of Voldemort just to know he was alive.

I don’t think she was all bad.  Just weak-willed, but essentially driven by love.  And the most redeemable of the Death Eaters.Narcissa-and-Lucius-narcissa-malfoy-28196902-500-333

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