I woke up this morning to the terrifying news of what had happened in Manchester last night.  Hearing of how multiple people had been injured and killed in a bomb at an Ariana Grande concert.  An innocent event, children, teenagers, their parents, their friends, all brought together by their love of music, and their lives torn apart by the worst terrorist attack on British soil since 7/7 (and remember, it was only 2 months ago when we had our last worst-attack-on-British-soil-since-7/7).

Today I have hurt.  I’ve ached.  I’ve mourned the loss of 22 people I didn’t know, and prayed for those still fighting.

My heart, like many others I know, was broken, and my faith in other people was lost.

But across the day, I’ve been soothed by some small, but important acts of humanity.  By the outpourings of love from across the globe.  By the hard and tireless work of our emergency services in what must have been one of the hardest nights of their lives.  By Steve, the homeless man, who helped pull shrapnel out of people. By the hotels and taxi drivers who opened their doors to let people take shelter.  By those who’ve taken children under their wing and helped to reunite them.  By the people of Manchester who’ve donated blood in their hundreds overnight to try and ease some of the strain on our services.

Small acts of kindness are our priority.  Because this is how we survive.  We will mourn, we will cry, but we will carry on.

Remember to have courage.  To be kind.  To love.  There isn’t another way.

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