Harry Potter Challenge – Day 4 – Favourite Hogwarts Professor


This is a tricky one, because there are so many professors that you can look at and say – hero.

But I think my absolute favourite Hogwarts professor has to be Professor McGonagall.

She’s a queen in her own right.

McGonagall is brave and strong, but also more emotional than we ever realise.  She worries about young Harry being left with his borderline abusive Muggle relatives, watches over him in his younger years, and does her best to guide him.  She certainly seems to care more about him and his safety than Dumbledore, who’s mission is to bring him face to face with his murderer, once all the Horcruxes have been disposed of.

She’s also a total badass – as is Dame Maggie Smith, who plays her. (Fun fact, I didn’t know Maggie Smith wasn’t actually Scottish until I was about 14).

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