Harry Potter Challenge – Day 3 – Favourite Weasley


The thing with “favourite Weasley” is it changes between the book and the film.  If we look solely at the films, then the wonderful Mrs Weasley, played by the incomparable Julie Walters.  I’ve been a massive fan of her work since I saw her as the dance teacher in Billy Elliot – and I was probably about 7 years old?  I love her, and her portrayal of Mrs Weasley was spot on (but not my best casting decision – we’ll get to that in a few weeks).

But I think my favourite book Weasley is Ginny.  In the books she’s fiery, passionate, loyal and so brave – despite being the littlest Weasley, she has the heart of a true Gryffindor.

In the film, she has as much personality as a damp tea towel – a far cry from the Ginevra of the books.

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