30 Day Harry Potter Challenge – Favourite of the Main Trio


It could only be Hermione.


The look on my face, most days.

Hermione (in both the books and the films) is strong, brave and loyal – as well as fiercely intelligent.  She’s a BAMF.

Where would Harry and Ron have been without her?  Well, Ron might have been a bit less of an ass if he wasn’t showing off all the time, but still.

Hermione starts out too intelligent to waste her time on the saps around her, and too determined to prove herself.  But when Ron and Harry admittedly save her from the troll (IN THE DUNGEEEONNSSSSSS), she realises that friendship is a little more important. That in itself was a great lesson for seven year old Alice – friends are hugely important, they’re the people who keep you grounded, but also the people who’ll help you on your way to greatness.

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