30 Day Harry Potter Challenge – Your House

Hey guys!


Me again, with another dang challenge…fortunately I’m starting this in advance and massively cheating by writing a truck load of posts so I don’t run out of content…tehe!

I’m such a big Harry Potter fan – I first read the books (well the first 3) when I was seven years old, and shortly after the films started coming out.  I was addicted from the start.  So I’ve made this little blog challenge to tell you all a little more about my favourite, least favourite, and defining qualities of Harry Potter.


I’m a Slytherin.

I used to pretend I was a Gryffindor – come on, everyone wanted to be a hero.  But I’m definitely a Slytherin.  Ambitious, sarcastic and a total pain in the ass, ha!  It took me a long time to embrace being a Slytherin – I mean, basically until it became OK to be one.  It wasn’t until Snape’s death (sob) that Slytherins could be seen as heros, or anything other than evil.  The only qualities I’d say I have that are a bit un-Slytherin are loyalty and honesty – but I don’t think it’s enough to sway me from me house of heart!


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