Mental Health Awareness Week


I know.  It’s Thursday.  I’m late to the Mental Health Awareness Week posts.

First, I had this post scheduled for Tuesday.

Then for Wednesday.

Then for this evening.

But whatever I wanted to write was passionless, and certainly not relating to how I feel about Mental Health Awareness Week.

I am glad to live in a society where this is an important week.  Where broadcasters like Channel 4 and ITV make a concerted effort to discuss one of the biggest issues facing my generation – and the UK as a whole.

And I’m glad to live in a society where the NHS provides so much support.

The NHS was able to support me, at a cost of £8.25 per prescription – so every three months at one point.  My Cognitive Behavioural Therapy was free (I mean, it came out of my income tax, but there was no extra cost).

The NHS needs our help.  It isn’t failing, it is being failed by budget cuts.  And the budget cuts that are failing the NHS are failing us as well.

In around 3 weeks, we’re going to be asked to vote to elect our government.  And in Mental Health Awareness Week, take a minute to look at who will really support your mental health.  Who is going to put a plan in place to help the NHS, which will help you?

I’m not going to tell you how to vote (although in a week or so I’ll be giving my opinion). But I am going to tell you that our NHS needs saving.  Because at the moment it’s surviving, not thriving.



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