30 Day Disney Challenge – Days 28, 29 & 30


This one is smushed together, because unlike some of you Disney fanatics out there, I’ve only been to one Disney theme park – Disneyland Paris.

In my defence, it really was the Happiest Place On Earth, and I’m begging Edd to let us go back next year (y’know, once we’ve paid off New York in October).  The one thing that surprised me, and really shouldn’t have, was how clean it was  – every loo was sparkling (and I say that as someone with massive issues with public loos), no litter, nothing.  IT WAS AMAZING.

My favourite ride has to be It’s a Small World, despite how much I loved Pirates of the Caribbean – it’s so happy and jolly and singy, and try getting that song out of your head!

The only show I saw was when I was 6 years old, and went to Disneyland for the first time (Paris again) – it was a Winnie the Pooh show, no idea what it was called, but remember that Eeyore in France was known as Boudica.  Oh, and I got a really cute Eeyore hair scrunchie.  Then in the back of the car on the way back to our caravan site I gave my own beanie Eeyore a haircut.  Bless him, he’s never really looked the same since.

Disneyland Paris celebrates its 25th birthday this week, and I hope it goes on to have so much more success!

So over and out folks!  It’s been a wonderful trip down memory lane – I have a great idea for a 30 day Potter challenge, but have potentially spammed you all enough for now!

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