30 Day Disney Challenge – Day 15 – The First Film You Saw


This one is a bit of a blur.  You know when you’re little and you can’t quite put events in order.  I know I must have watched Winnie the Pooh, because I had all the stuffed animals and that’s the only way that would have made sense. In the same sense, I know I watched The Little Mermaid and Oliver and Company, because they’re the films I watched at my Gran’s house when I was little.

But the first ones that stick out in my head are Lion King and Mary Poppins – I just have no idea which one came first.  Both have stuck with me as lifetime favourites, so they had enough of an impression to last.  Mary Poppins is my Christmas, Easter and Bank Holiday film. My Cheer Up film.  My, I just need a cuddle and a relax film.  Effectively, the best film of all time.


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