30 Day Disney Challenge – Day 11 – Your Favourite Love Song

Today is a great day – the sun is shining, and I’ve come up with an idea for a 30 day challenge for when this one is over – yay!


When it comes to the love songs, I’m not really a big fan – they don’t get me like the villain songs, or the happy songs, I find most of them a bit…bleurgh.

I find Can You Feel The Love Tonight as bit overrated, and makes me feel bit yucky instead of sappy (though again, it’s done really well on the stage).

One of my favourite of the love songs is Love Is An Open Door from Frozen,but I’m not entirely sure it counts when SPOILER the male part was really a villain out to steal Ana’s kingdom.

So I spent quite a long time being unable to decide what to pick, when it jumped out of nowhere.  OF COURSE.  A Whole New World – Aladdin.  Who wouldn’t love to serenade someone, ride a magic carpet and see A WHOLE NEEEEW WOOOORRRRRRRRLD?!

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