30 Day Disney Challenge – Day 8 – Your Favourite Villain



Firstly oops, and apologies for not posting yesterday…it’s been a hectic week!  I’m now tucked up in bed at Mum and Dad’s (it being Mothering Sunday this weekend, here in the UK) typing out a few posts to get us into the week.

So my favourite villain.



My Mac automatically saved this as “Scar being sassy” which was when any doubts in my mind disappeared…

It pretty much HAD to be Scar for me – Scar is the first Disney villain I can really remember, from asking my Dad why Mufasa wouldn’t wake up (try explaining that to a three year old), to seeing the Lion King musical in the West End earlier this year.  Which, by the way, was AWESOME.

Jafar was my other option, but whereas Jafar is greedy, Scar I think might actually be evil.  No regrets, he just wants power, to rule the Pridelands, and to kill off Mufasa.  Plus he has the BEST villain song – but we’ll get to that in a few posts’ time.

Scar is voiced by the fantastic Jeremy Irons – IMDB trivia tells me that he threw his voice out in Be Prepared and had to be replaced by the voice actor of Ed the Hyena for the rest of the song.

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