30 Day Disney Challenge – Day 7 – Favourite Sidekick


I’m finding some of these a lot easier than others.  This one, for example, there was only one character it could be…


Are you getting that Aladdin is my favourite Disney film yet?

I loooooove the Genie.  I love that, as a film, it couldn’t be nominated for awards for screenplay, because SO MUCH of Robin Williams’ work was ad-libbed.  Bloody genius, that man.  His was one of the celebrity deaths that really hit me.  And then there were all those memes of Aladdin hugging the Genie and I was like URGH.


The Genie is funny, sweet, and best of all, loyal.  He’d do anything for Aladdin (I mean, technically, he kind of has to, with the laws of three wishes and everything).

But he’s great.

In the Disney/Pixar-verse where you’ve got great sidekicks like Timon and Pumbaa and Mike Wazowski, there’s still only one it could have been.  The mighty blue guy.


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