30 Day Disney Challenge – Day 6 – Your Favourite Animal


I always think Winnie the Pooh has some great pearls of wisdom.  It was the ultimate Disney for me when I was little – my bedroom wall was the 100 acre wood (as painted by my Mum – there’s dedication.  I was always bought Winnie the Pooh characters for my birthdays, until I had the full set (I even had a Gopher…who else had a Gopher?!).  So when I had to think of my favourite animal, I was fairly certain where it would come from.  Sure, Tigger is great, Piglet is a top best friend, Pooh Bear himself is so loveable…but it had to be Eeyore.


Eeyore is the ultimate optimist – despite being the most downcast animal you can imagine.  Everything is a disaster for Eeyore – but he can always find a bright side.

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