Messages To My Younger Self – 21

For one thing, let’s ignore the fact that Adele had her second groundbreaking album for this year.  You are not Adele. You might want to be Adele, but let’s concentrate on wanting to be you.

Although, it’s a bit of a toughie again.  In two days time, your mum is going to give you the scare of your life, and be diagnosed with a brain haemorrhage (which, weirdly she had two days ago and we all just thought it was a headache).  She’s going to be OK.  A little altered, but not from a life-changing perspective. The big problem is how this is going to affect you.  Does that sound selfish?  Maybe, but this is a message for you, not your Mum.

The phone ringing does NOT equal bad news.  Your mum calling after 8pm does NOT mean someone has died.  You do NOT need to be on edge all the time – but it’s so much easier saying that three years after this happened. Get back on the medication, have a little cry when you need to, and like I said before, keep telling your mum you love her.  Even when she’s irritable, even when she’s cranky, you love her.  Because you came very close to thinking you lost her.

Your first real job!  That’s fun!  You’re actually going to really enjoy it, although long distance from the boyfriend and the bestie sucks.  But they’ll still be there, nothing gets in the way of that.

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