The 21-Day Alcohol Free Challenge

Hi folks.

We’re two months into the year, and all those goals I talked about achieving here are still quite far away.  Most importantly, I’m 6 and a half months away from New York, and I’ve lost a grand total of zero pounds.

I read a great post on LinkedIn today about a man who’s had a year off alcohol, and the effects this has had on his life.

I had a great night out on Friday night, but it led to some of the worst “hangxiety” I’ve had in a very long time.  I’m confused about my potential, my roles in life, and where this darn path is taking me.  You know those “deep and insightful” chats you have with yourself when you’re drunk?  Try doing that, hungover.

I think it’s time there was a little change.

I do not have a problem with alcohol (isn’t that what they all say) but I do believe I drink too much.  We all do it.

Monday night?  Yeah you definitely need a drink.

Tuesday night?  Yeah have a glass of wine with dinner.

Wednesday night?  It’s humpday!  Perfect timing for a drink.


FriYAY – drink time!

Starting today (although bugger, I’m going out for lunch with Mum for mother’s day at a place that does GREAT cocktails 😦 ) – 21 days alcohol free.


2 thoughts on “The 21-Day Alcohol Free Challenge

  1. twentysomethingtenacity says:

    About 2 years ago, my doc did a routine blood test, round something really ‘off’ with my liver, and I’ve basically had to curb my drinking excessively. In the past, any time I left the house to eat, I had a drink. I’d buy lady wine (basically alcoholic juice 😂) and have it every weekend, etc. After stopping cold turkey for 3 months, I noticed a big difference, both in mind and body. Hang in there, the change will happen!

    I would be hungover and really depressed because it seemed like my life was going no where, I was really feeling the ‘alcohol is a depressant’ aspect. But when I wasn’t drinking, after a couple of months I was more optimistic about doing something about my unhappiness.

    You will start seeing results soon!

    My wedding is about 189~ days away and I’ve started a 100 day push up challenge to tone my arms because they’re flabby af. If I can do this, you can do your challenge! You got this!


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