Happy Birthday. 

Happy birthday, friend. 

We haven’t forgotten you. 

As the days, the weeks, the months, they pass, you’re still everywhere. On my necklace, in his thoughts, on her mind and in her soul. We can’t forget what we owe for each laugh, each smile, each moment you gave. 

What we wouldn’t give to have you back. To have stopped you, to have calmed you, to have helped you. What you’ve taught us about compassion and empathy. About understanding others and their struggles. The definition of a little too late. 

The words feel so empty, because there isn’t much that can be done. We remind your mum that we still think of you, that you’re not lost to us. We raise a glass and toast to your years. And we hope you’re still there.

Happy birthday, friend. We’ve not forgotten you.  

One thought on “Happy Birthday. 

  1. Anaida says:

    I can understand your grief for the loss of your friend. I’ve recently lost my aunt as well. 😢

    It’s such a difficult time. The memories will always haunt us.


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