30 Day Blogging Challenge Is Over – Day 30 – Your Hopes For Your Blog


This challenge has taught me a lot.  Not so much about myself, but about how to blog, and how to engage with an audience. I’ve learned a lot about the tools of WordPress blogging, from embedding links, to scheduling posts, to hashtags  (though I still can’t work out how to get GIFS in – any help is much appreciated).

I’m starting to learn what people look for when reading, and how to make my content more appealing.  I’m not selling out – just adapting a little.  Blogging is still very much about me – it’s my little diary, my little commentary on the world.  But it would be great if something I wrote could help someone else.

Already I’m engaging more with people – I’m reading other people’s posts (which is hugely important for getting out there and making connections – and friends).

On Day 14 of the Challenge I had the best day I’ve ever had for views, and that felt amazing.  While a lady doesn’t discuss numbers (not her age or her salary), I’m proud to say I quadrupled my average daily readership.  That felt pretty good.

So my first big hope for the blog is to hit a new “best” day every month – whether it’s views, comments, retweets or followers in a day.

My second is a milestone that I feel is achievable – I’d like 200 followers by the end of the year.  I’d like to be engaging with enough people who want to keep an eye on my content.  I’m aware it’s a big step up from 50, but I hope that with a steady stream of decent content, I might get there.

My third is to expand my creative writing section.  I don’t get much time for creative writing pieces, they’re sometimes just little notes I write down on my phone.  But I’d like to build on it and spend some more time fleshing out those feelings.

But finally, I want to keep this blog personal.  Personal is different to private – I don’t want to make a career of this, I love it as my hobby. Writing is my therapy, and I think that means ensuring I’m honest.  We’ve all spent far too long in our lives pretending to be someone we’re not, and if we can’t be open here, where can we?

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