30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 27 – What’s In Your Closet


I’m really not sure how we’re not finished yet…

What’s In My Closet?  Apart from all my secrets you mean…?

To be totally honest, my “closet” (we call it a wardrobe over here) is pretty empty.  This is for two reasons.

  1. The floor is a much better place to keep all of my clothes. I tend to do about 6 loads of washing before I put things away, and by that point I may as well not bother.  #teamfloordrobe
  2. I’m not very happy with my body at the moment, which means I tend to avoid dressing it up too much.  I wear a lot of black and dark colours (slimming, so they say), but my wardrobe does have some of my favourite dresses, that I no longer fit in to, but somehow hope to again…



This is a pretty standard Miller outfit tbh (excuse the Colosseum in the background, it can’t help but photo bomb).  A long top, leggings and a pair of boots, with a jacket and a small bag.  It’s not only my travelling outfit, but work too – I work in a smart-casual environment, and I live in leggings, so it’s a win-win!




To the right is a more summery Miller outfit – great for holidays (because you can unleash the boobs on the poor, unsuspecting world) and for just popping down to the pool for a swim.  I like a maxi dress, and this is one of very few I feel suits me.  I miss the summer, and being able to wear this!


This was my favourite princess dress – so much chiffon, taffeta and so many sequins!  This was my last End Of Year Ball as a student – and I even bought the lovely Edd a matching tie.  It’s like we went to prom together.

I like a sweetheart neckline, and more than that I LOVE FEELING LIKE A PRINCESS






Finally, this little puppy got put back in the wardrobe at the weekend.  See you in December, pal!

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