30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 24- What Attracts You?


I love luuuuuuurve.  I also love stuff like this, where people describe their ultimate hunkadunk – who usually looks like a cross between Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey and Benedict Cumberbatch (oh I KNEW Bridget Jones’ Baby was missing something!).

For me, more important than looks (though my other half is one hunk of a fella) is a personality.  In a modern age where we can swipe away individuals who don’t send our lady parts a’trembling, the poor old personality is being pushed aside for more superficial reasons.  We don’t have time to get to know people, and we’re pushing them aside for someone more aesthetically pleasing – it’s a sorry state of affairs.

I have had 3 serious relationships, and all three of those have started with a friendship.  I have to be able to respect and trust the individual I’m dating.  But most important of all, they have to make me laugh.  I need humour.  Because the laughs get you through the hard stuff – the tears, the grief, the stress.  And they make the good times good.

I also like intelligence.  I need to be able to have a conversation, a debate, a discussion now and again.  You know when you have a couple of glasses of wine and start setting the world to rights?  I like having someone who can keep up with me – I don’t mean to say I’m super intelligent, just drunkAlice gets a bit chatty.  And deep.  And philosophic.

So my top 3:

  • Humour
  • Intelligence
  • A good ol’ personality

You can’t really go far wrong with that.

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