30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 21 – What Makes You Sad?


There are quite a lot of things that make me sad, and a lot of them quite personal.  You know that feeling where you get so wrapped up in a memory that you can remember exactly what you felt at that time, and it’s so invasive, so suffocating, that you need to sit down and have a little cry? Just me?

Old people make me sad.  If I see a little old couple holding hands, or walking round a supermarket, it makes me sad – because my grandparents are no longer a little old couple doing that.  I can’t imagine what it feels like to spend 50 years with someone, and them not be there.  That makes me really sad.

Then there’s the more light-hearted stuff. When I made Edd come and see La La Land, our water had been turned off because we had a leak in our flat, and so it was already a pretty crappy day.  Then a man kicked over my open bag of maltesers and I actually cried.


I’m actually a bit of a crier – films will always set me off, whether they’re sad or happy.  WEDDINGS.  Weddings make me happysad – Parks and Rec and The Office have the two telly weddings that have me in tears.

Stress makes me sad – but I tend to get frustrated, which makes me cry, rather than being actually sad.

Injustice (probably should have said that one earlier, I just look a bit self-indulgent now).

I mean, basically EVERYTHING makes me sad if I’m in a crying mood…

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