30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 20 – What Makes You Happy?


I don’t think I’m a particularly difficult person to please – there are some things that will always make me happy.

  1. Spending time with my friends – the family you choose for yourself
  2. Spending time with Edd, the best human possible
  3. Eating.  Who doesn’t like eating?
  4. Sleeping – I think it might be my favourite hobby. If not sleeping, being curled up in my duvet like a cat.
  5. Puppies and babies.  I’m seriously broody.  Not in a “I need one for myself” way, just in a “please can I borrow yours for 36 hours” way.
  6. Reading.  I’m really trying to keep up with reading this year.  I spent 3 years at uni reading because I had to, and now I’m finally getting back into enjoying reading.  Being able to focus on one book at a time, reading before bed and having some me time.
  7. Exploring.  I’m a home comforts kind of gal, but I love finding new things in London – Greenwich is on my doorstep, and I need to see more of it!

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