30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 19 – Your Favourite Movie


This is a tough one, but I can narrow it down to a top 3…

  1. Mary Poppins

The best musical ever.  And that is said by someone who can’t get the songs from La La Land out of her head.  The songs are amazing, the related films are awesome (Saving Mr Banks makes me cry every time, and I’m SO EXCITED to see Emily Blunt as a newer Mary Poppins).  It’s that film I want to watch every Christmas, Easter, Bank Holiday, lazy day…every day of the year basically.

2.  When Harry Met Sally

It upsets me how long it took me to watch this film, but MY GOD it’s one of the best.  My best friend introduced me to it on Valentine’s Day 3 years ago, and it had me in tears.  The stories of all the old couples are the best bit, very closely followed by Billy Crystal’s immense speech about the annoying things he loves about Meg Ryan.

3. Bridget Jones’ Diary

When you’re 13 years old, chubbier than your friends and “in love” with a boy you think doesn’t realise you exist, you’re going to relate to Bridget. Despite the fact she’s like, 10 stone and thinks she’s fat.  Hugh Grant or Colin Firth?  What a dilemma.  Such a heartwarming, cringeworthy, amazing film – with two great follow-ups.

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