30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 17 – Your Favourite Blogs



This is such a nice idea!  I’ve seen loads of “blog awards” posts, but this is a nice little bit of selfless promotion.  Eeek! (Obviously, if any of you want removing from this list, or the biog changing please let me know, I definitely don’t mean any offence!)

  1. Twenty Something Tenacity

A lot of the blogs I follow have a mental health theme (they were the first reason I started my own up), but this is a particular favourite.  Maria writes with such a lovely tone, her pieces are always relate-able, whether about mental health, or lifestyle pieces, and I get so excited reading about people’s wedding preparations!

2. Amy’s Lifestyle Blog

Amy’s blog was the reason I started this challenge – and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so far!  We started our blogs up at a similar time, so it’s nice watching someone who came from the same place as me do so well (though she has far many followers – please give me all your tips!).  Give her a read and a follow!

3. Dead Man’s Diaries

A bit of a different one to the other two – this is a blog based on a man’s brother J’s diaries – J having died in 2004.  These are an amazing insight into J’s life, from letters between the brothers to his drawings and his favourite books.  It’s such a beautiful tribute.


Please, please check these out, they’re wonderful blogs that give me inspiration to keep writing and getting involved in this amazing online community.  You never know the friends you’ll make!



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