This Girl Doesn’t Know If She Can But She’s Going To Give It A Go

You know the stock photos of beautiful women running, hair swept up gracefully, with smiles on their faces, and a suspicious lack of sweat on their perfectly made up faces?

Now here’s a picture of Miss Trunchbull, which is a more accurate depiction of me running. 

I have never been a fan of running. I just don’t like it. A lot of people find it really good for their stress levels…I find it increases mine. 

Swimming I can do – it’s about the only exercise I enjoy. 

However, I stupidly signed up for a 10K run at the end of May, so today I started the first day of Couch to 10K. And it was hell. Edd keeps promising me that “it gets easier” and “you’ll be surprised how quickly you get good at it”. To be perfectly honest, the only thing that will surprise me is if I ever enjoy it. 

In short, I’m not entirely sure where this running adventure is going, other than to the Start Line on 29th May. Eurgh. 

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