30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 13 – What’s Inside Your Fridge


Short answer – so much crap.

No, Edd and I have been trying to eat a little better recently, and get an ASDA shop every week, which usually consists of:

  • £20 of meat – varies between chicken, bacon, meatballs, mince, steaks, beef and sausages.
  • Fresh pasta – total weakness.  We buy 3kg bags of dry pasta, but occasionally  some yummy fresh pasta is just what we need
  • Milk – standard, boring
  • 10 calorie jelly – Rowntrees “10 calorie jelly” is the best thing ever – AND IT’S ONLY 7 CALORIES.  It’s sweet, so makes you feel like you’re having pudding, and yummy.
  • Lemonade – we both have quite a sweet tooth, so there’s usually something fizzy in there, plus it goes wonderfully with the huge amounts of booze we have on the counter.  Speaking of…
  • Vodka.  Nothing more really needs to be said
  • Wine – there’s usually a half drank bottle of Rosé in the fridge – we like a boring ol’ Blossom Hill, cheap and cheerful!

Again, super boring post – major apologies, I’ll be back with something better tomorrow.

*checks schedule*

Nope, probably not.

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