Baby, You Can Drive My Car

No please.  Drive my car for me.

We’ll start with this morning, where I ONLY WENT AND PASSED MY THEORY TEST.  Despite some nasty questions about mirrors for towing a caravan, and a hazard perception test that felt like pedestrians were being thrown over my CGI bonnet, I did it!  And by a decent margin too – I was very proud of myself.

So as far as days-off-work go, it was a productive and confident one.  Until 1.30, when I had my first two hours of driving lessons.

Oh damn.

I don’t ever want to drive again.

It was going really well until I got a bit flustered and then EVERYTHING WENT WRONG.  I stalled the car a kajillion times, nearly went in front of a car while still in the ASDA car park (although my instructor swore that wasn’t my fault) and by the end of it I wanted to curl under my duvet and hide and never ever drive a car again.

Did anyone enjoy their first driving lesson? Is it normal to be a bit “meh”?!


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