V-Day, Baby!

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I love V-Day

I hope you do too!

Poor effort, I agree.  But most of my Valentine’s effort is pretty poor.  The boyfriend and I agreed this year we wouldn’t do presents as we’re saving for New York.  Instead we’d do cards (I have this thing about cards, and wanting to save them for my grandkids) and go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour again.  Then he came home with 12 red roses and a mystery present that hasn’t arrived yet, which put my Carrie Fisher autobiography to shame.  No, we’re not very good at not getting presents.  Or not spending money.  Either.

Personally, I quite like Valentine’s Day, but I haven’t spent a Valentine’s Day single since…well I was about 15.  That’s not a brag by the way, there were some douchebags in the mix, and people I really shouldn’t have spent it with.  But it’s not about the presents, or the “romance”, it’s about little things, and taking a day to remember how much you love your other half.

I can hear the rebuttal now – “But we shouldn’t NEED a day for it, we should do it all year round” – and you’re absolutely right.  But what’s the harm in a little extra effort one day a year.  Personally I’m a big fan of love notes on the fridge, a cheeky sext now and again or “I love you” in Spaghetti letters all year round.  But one day doesn’t hurt, does it?  There was even a violinist in Starbucks this morning…


Tehe, look at the silly people who forgot what day it was…(Liverpool Street Station, 13th Feb)

Some  Astonishing Facts About V Day… (taken from linkdex.com, chilli sauce & statistic brain)

  • Roughly (ha, you never know) 11,000 children are conceived on Valentine’s Day each year…
  • 198million roses are produced…
  • Average yearly spending is more than $38million…
  • Men spend more than women with an average of £70.47 compared to £39.58 (Bloody hell…)
  • 23% of women think V-Day is the best time to propose…


So what do you think, love-lies?  Are you being spoilt rotten, or stuffing chocolate in your face in a bid to forget what day it is?  Either way, let me know!

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