30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 9 – What’s in Your Purse?


I love these – they’re my most favourite vlogs and blogs, because I’m supremely nosy and love knowing what makes other people tick.

I’m only doing my purse though, because my handbag is super boring at the moment – I’ve been meaning to get a new one for aaaaages,but I’d quite like to treat myself, so I’m saving a little for it.


Battered and bruised, like my ego most of the time…


Starting with my purse – this thing used to be quite pretty. I’m fairly certain it came from New Look – it has loads of nice card slots, and plenty of room for coins (mostly copper, I’m not a millionaire yet).  It’s my favourite purse I’ve ever had, but it’s so big I can’t really take it on nights out – major downside!

Obviously there are my debit cards, credit card and MY BRAND NEW PROVISIONAL LICENCE, but I haven’t taken pictures of those because,y’know, fraud.


Not quite a flatlay, let’s be honest…

I haven’t cleared out my purse in a very long time – I have my Boots card and my Cineworld card, which are the most used in this bunch.  I love my Boots card, the points are great value!  Cineworld card means I can watch as many films a month as I like, for something like £17.60.  You also get great discounts on cinema food, and restaurants nearby – worth it!

I have about 7 Superdrug cards, because every time you go in they push you together one if you don’t have one on you.  Snore.

Stamps – which I never seem to use…

A Bagel Factory loyalty card, with two stamps on…

theAvenue – a loyalty card in Hull, I think I got it free one Fresher’s Week and then never used it..



Most of my tickets stay in my Railcard wallet, but these ones somehow escaped to the purse.  Just Stafford to London, and one for a client meeting. Boring!


Great film.

I’m terrible at throwing away receipts – Edd and I went to see Sing last weekend (loved it), and this stayed in the purse.  Oops!

img_1439This is such a cute photo strip from a night out with my bestie, my boyfriend, and the lovely Malla (his music site is here by the way).  This stays in the window bit, and always makes me smile.

So that’s it for my rather boring purse!

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