BAFTAs – Go Big Or Go Home

So it’s the BAFTAs tonight!

If there’s one film I’m routing for, it’s La La Land – the hype has been pretty much unavoidable.  Some people don’t get it, but for me it’s the most gorgeous tribute to Old Hollywood, with two of the most gorgeous humans all time.  I genuinely can’t decide who I fancy more.


This is not my photo.  I have never met these people.  But DAMN I wish I had.

I love Awards Season.  I love seeing all the pretty dresses the actresses wear – which wannabe Princess wouldn’t dream of wearing Valentino, or Elie Saab, or Alexander McQueen in front of the world?

What stands out to me about the BAFTAs, is that the rules are a little different.  The BAFTAs don’t particularly play by any rulebook – while you have the same set of nominees, you still get a little British bias in there.  For example, Hugh Grant being BAFTA nominated.  Oh yeah.  Hugh Grant, of dancing to Jump fame, BAFTA-FREAKING-NOMINATED. Who’dda thunk it?

The big hype – La La Land – is tied as the most Oscar nominated film of all time (with Titanic) at 14 nominations, and has 11 BAFTA nominations.  Can they do it?  Go big, or go home.

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