Progress Not Perfection – the January Edition

Hello all!


After a fairly successful month (not to brag, like) I thought I’d update on my NYRs…

This seems to be the first year I’ve actually done quite well!

I Have:

  • Lost 4lbs!  Not as much progress as I’d like there, but as soon as I’ve bought the trainers and cut out the booze I’m hoping this will speed up…
  • Read 2 of my 24 books for 2017 – The Book Thief and The Lovely Bones.  Both great in their own way, reviews will follow.
  • Signed up for a 10k in aid of Mind – the fundraising blogs will begin shortly…
  • Attended an al-anon meeting, which has definitely helped to get some things into perspective.
  • Watched 1 of my 24 films for the year  – Big.  And it weirded me out.  but on the whole great film.
  • Got the OK from my GP to start coming down from my meds!  Which is great, but slightly daunting.  I’m now down to 10mg every other day, which is mildly terrifying, but I don’t seem to be getting any bad effects from it…

I Haven’t:

  • Actually started running yet.  Oops.  I have so many excuses, but the real reason is I’M SUPER LAZY.  And I need to buy some proper trainers
  • Been to yoga.  Which is stupid because I KNOW it’s going to be good for me to take time out to breathe.


On the whole it has been a good month, and I’m really hoping it will continue this way, for a healthier, happier year!  This month, with the exception of seeing Busted (childhood dream come true) and Valentine’s Day, I’m adding in an alcohol free month.  It’ll help with the weight loss and the coming down from the meds, so let’s see how that goes!

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