The Films Other People Love That I Just Don’t Get


I went and saw La La Land on Saturday (review to follow), and absolutely adored it, however I’ve read a few reviews from people who definitely weren’t as keen.  Obviously film is art, and therefore entirely subjective, but here are the films I don’t get, while other people rave about…

  1. Little Shop of Horrors

I don’t know what it is, apart from the talking, murdering plant, the psycho dentist and the high-pitched pathetic heroine that really does my head in about this film.  It might even be the fact that we watched it week after week in Year 8 Music as an example of a musical (come on, there are so many better out there).  Whatever it is, this film makes me feel physically ill.  little-shop-of-horrors-remake-greg-berlanti.jpgAnd yet, it’s loved by many.

It has a solid 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a remake by Warner Bros (yes, those people responsible for the beauty of the Harry Potter series) is in the pipeline.  WHY?! I can’t cope.  The words “suddenly Seymour” bring me out in a rash, the picture of the plant makes my stomach turn.  Cannot.  Deal.

2. Grease

It upsets me to a


Summer lovin’

admit that I don’t like Grease.  For most, its one of the best musicals around – in fact, check any chart it’s usually in the top 3.  But it’s a horrible message.

Unless Sandy wears revealing clothes and leather trousers, her hunk of a fella won’t be able to accept his love for her.  What sort of message is that to young girls?  Come on ladies, perm your hair, slap on the lipstick and tell him where he stands!  Ha, no, come on.  Feminism has come so much further than us having to dress up for the moral high ground.

Even worse, the girls who pretend to be friends with Sandy (typical high school drama) bitch behind her back, calling her a virgin (like it’s a bad thing) and acting like they’re so much better than her.  Ew, bitchy teenage (30 year old) girls.

3. Inside Out

OK, OK, this one has improved.  I saw it twice in the cinema, and I’ve seen it twice since it’s been on DVD…but while a lot of people think it’s one of the best Pixar films, I’m over here like, really?

To me, it’s nowhere near as magical as A Bug’s Life, Monster’s Inc or Finding Nemo.  I feel like there were missed opportunities – we could have dipped a little deeper into Riley’s mental health, how the move was affecting her etc. rather than surrounding the emotions in her head.  Yes, I get that was the point, but Joy got REALLY annoying, as did Sadness – I feel like they were missing the balance of the rest of the gang.  And yes, I also know that is the point.


“Who’s your friend who loves to play? BING BONG BING BONG.”

Don’t get me wrong, I cried at the tragic demise of Bing Bong, I laughed at the Triple Dent Gum jingle – I don’t think it’s a terrible film.  But it was nowhere near as good as some of its predecessors, or even the much underrated The Good Dinosaur which followed shortly afterwards.

4. The Witches

My biggest pet peeve about this gruesom, horrific film, is that NowTV call it a “family favourite”.  It’s a film where people’s faces melt off as they turn into rats, eat children and haunt my every nightmare.  OK…so maybe I’m a bit sensitive…


No no no no no.

I can’t stand it.  A bit like Little Shop of Horrors, the thought just makes my skin crawl.  I can’t even flesh out this review.  Eurgh.

5. Big

The first thing I should point out about Big is that on the whole I loved the film.  Up until a certain point, it was fantastic, and I could see why it earned Tom Hanks his first Oscar nomination.

But that point is a bit of a dealbreaker for me.

Yes, there are moments of comic genius in there – and the piano routine below is ranked very highly in my favourite moments of cinema…but despite it being Tom effin’ Hanks, hero to all, the story tells us he’s a thirteen year old boy.


A thirteen year old boy who sleeps with a 30 year old woman.  No, she didn’t know, no he’s not traumatised, bla bla bla.  But, the thought makes me feel very uneasy.

That’s the “big” problem I have with this film – and find it very odd that Elizabeth doesn’t actually address, but then again, I guess it’s a family film.

If the roles were reversed, and Elizabeth were the thirteen year old, all hell would have broken lose.  It just feels like a bit of a hypocritical look at gender roles, and how we view the dynamic – and yes, I guess this was the nineties…

So there we have it, my five films that other people adore but either bore me or make my skin crawl…mostly the latter.

Tell me your thoughts – do you agree/disagree?  What makes your list?  Any of your favourites on here that I’ve ripped apart?

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