The Wizard

It was never about me but I was sucked in.

Dragged by my sparkly red heels, sucked out of Kansas into the eye of the hurricane and pushed towards the yellow brick road of lies and destruction.

Dying to get back home.


I’ve always been a runner, not fighter

No marathons, but flight.

The Cowardly Lion;

No courage to stay and no courage to fight.

I choked.


The Scare Crow wanted a brain, but my brain wouldn’t stop.

My thoughts ran wild and free; ferrel like vermin.

The scurge of my sanity, bringing me to the brink but not allowing me over the edge.

There are worse places to be than the City of Emerald Culture.


The Tin Man wanted a heart, but my heart was broken,

Broken into little shards of glass from the lashings you gave it with your stubborn words, your slurred streams, and your throwaway comments – you could never have known how those would affect me.


What would I ask the Wizard for?

I would ask for faith.

Faith to learn, and faith to heal.  Faith in me and faith in you.

Trust in that there’s a plan for us and trust that things will never be that bad again.

Trust in me and trust in you.


Because as far as I push myself out of my comfort zone;

There’s no place like home.

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