Sherlock – The Six Thatchers – Review

Probably worth mentioning that there will be spoilers…

Oh, was Sherlock on tonight?  I totally forgot SAID NO ONE EVER.


Given that we have to wait 2 years for every 3 episodes we get, you can understand why there’s a fair amount of jubilation across the forums, fancies, Tumblr and Twitter when Sherlock finally comes back to screens (I let out a little squeal when the trailer came on after Bake Off).

So where to start?


Yeah, here is probably a good spot.  Just look at the promo pics – so much darker background (though damnit, the fellas are ageing well, aren’t they?!). We were warned by TPTB that it would be a darker series, but I’m not sure we knew quite what we were in for…

Let’s start with the initial case – son found dead in the car after being there for a week and no one had noticed.  That was sad – but not hugely special, and of course making way for the master plot of, not only the episode, but the rest of the series itself.


Mr Watson, who pretends he’s a family man while being a total JACKASS.

Oh, yeah, THAT curveball.  Watson having an emotional affair with a woman he met on the bus? Brand new baby (super cute little Rosamund), and Watson spreads his emotional legs for the first attractive lady who says he has nice eyes?  Stop.  What are Moffat and Gatiss trying to do?  Kill us? Destroy our faith in the Watson marriage – oh yeah. That was it.


Then of course, the nation’s ovaries exploded as “high functioning sociopath” Sherlock Holmes played with the cutest little bubba to grace the screens in quite a long time…


Mary’s tryst with her super-secret-spy days is mildly entertaining, even if it does feel a little “filler”, and yeeeesssssss we know she just wants to protect John and Rosamund, and yeeessssss Sherlock made a vow to look after them all, but, meh.  It verged on fan fiction a little in points – where Sherlock will do anything to save his friends because the “high-functioning sociopath” has gone soft.


And of course, going soft, and the need to show off, is the fatal flaw.  Mary’s showing off about how she’s “better” at the job than John is inevitably what leads to her emotional demise.  Having had some idea of the original books, I thought this would have been taking place in the third episode, so seeing Mary jumping front of a bullet for Sherlock (yeah, she did kind of owe him…) was a shocker.  Her dying, even more so.

Yeah, Moffat and Gatiss played their cards just right – because of course John would blame Sherlock (y’know, because he’s a jackass, and not because his wife was the super-spy we previously discussed).  So that leaves our favourite bromance in the ashes – and poor little Rosamund without a mother – and poor Molly to deliver the final blow.  John wants to see anyone but Sherlock.

I love Sherlock.  I really truly do – but in giving Watson a wife and a baby, I feel it’s deviated slightly from what made the original episodes so damn special – the bromance.

Overall, the episode fits into my rankings above ALL of the mid-season eps and The Abominable Bride, but below…well…everything else…

  1. The Reichenbach Fall (2.3)
  2. The Great Game (1.3)
  3. A Scandal in Belgravia (2.1)
  4. A Study in Pink (1.1)
  5. The Empty Hearse (3.1)
  6. His Last Vow (3.3)
  7. The Six Thatchers (4.1)
  8. The Sign of Three (3.2)
  9. The Abominable Bride (3.4)
  10. The Blind Banker (1.2)
  11. The Hounds of Baskerville (2.2)

Please let me know if you agree or disagree, whether you loved or hated the ep and whether you think John Watson (JACKASS) is redeemable…

*all photos taken from across the internet, and therefore probably all belong to the Beeb, please and thank you…

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