From there to here, my make up journey…

My Mum has never been a big wearer of make up, and as an only child I didn’t have an older sister to guide my way through.  So I made every mistake possible, from a very young age – the fake tanning disaster (3 days before my Year 11 prom), the dark blue eyeshadow that made me look like I’d been punched in the face, and wearing far too much blusher on cheeks that are already prone to reddening.

I was having a little trip down memory lane (my Facebook profile pics) when I realised just how far I’d come, so thought it was probably worth a little share.  Note: I’m not a beauty blogger, nor could ever afford to be, but I absolutely adore the Debenhams beauty department…

Pic 1 – 2011, aged 17


I forgot how much I loved those glasses…

2010 was a very weird time in my life – I had my first real boyfriend, I was in the middle of a hellish A-level year, and I had already chosen (although my only option) to go to the University of Hull.  This was a friend’s 18th birthday party, and I’d gone round to another friend’s house to get ready.

This was a time before I realised eyebrows were to be defined, a time where I lived in Boots at the Natural Collection counter.  Natural Collection was great starter make up, though the coverage certainly isn’t as good as the stuff I’m using now.  Altogether, this make up would have cost me around £15 – those were the days!  A simple eyeliner, a concealer, eyeliner and mascara.  Easy peasy!

Pic 2 – 2012, age 19


Me on the right, and the greatest human I’ve ever known on the left.

Oh to be young and in Fresher’s Week again. This was the first week of my second year of uni (Hull, as mentioned above).  Thanks to the best friend, and living with girls for a year, I’d learned a little more about make up -particularly slightly more high-quality stuff.  Gone were the days of Natural Collection, I was now a Rimmel girl.  And YSL foundation.  Yes, on a trip to London I’d popped into Harvey Nichols, and the lovely girls at the YSL counter had tone-tested me and provided me with the most expensive make up item I had ever bought.  Indeed, the idea of spending £26 on a a foundation made me laugh and cry at the same time – my student loan certainly wasn’t intended for makeup!

But actually, this was the greatest discovery of my make up journey – the general rule seems to be that the more expensive the foundation, the less I break out in spots.  However, as in this photo, there seems to have been a little breakout, that wasn’t fully taken care of by the YSL.  Maybe should have invested in a decent concealer to go with it.

The rest of the look is still fairly simple – slightly thicker eyeliner, probably my best friend’s Benefit They’reReal mascara (we share everything, a bit of Conjunctivitis isn’t going to come between us) and a lipgloss.  Still fairly easy-peasy.

Pic 3 – 2015, age 21


Oh look, eyebrows!

This was just before heading out to the bestie’s 22nd birthday, with shots, cocktails, and plenty of Taylor Swift to be played.

I HAVE EYEBROWS.  Pointy, hat-like eyebrows, but eyebrows nonetheless (Benefit, GimmeBrow).  By here I’d learned how to take a selfie (helped by the fact I had an iPhone) and pout like the trout I really am. The foundation was still YSL, with a standard Maybelline gel-liner, the Maybelline nudes eyeshadow pallet, and my own Benefit mascara (Rollerlash, love the stuff).

Pic 4 – 2016,age 23


Super- recent, and taken just before my work Christmas party. We get a nice little rewards card per quarter, and mine is always spent in Debenhams, so here is the final feature!

Foundation – Nars

Concealer – Bare Minerals

Bronzer – Benefit

Eyebrows (less pointy!) – Benefit

Eyeliner – Urban Decay

Eyeshadow – Urban Decay (Naked 2 palette, live the dream)

Mascara – Benefit Rollerlash

Lipstick – Urban Decay

I’ve come a long way!



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